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George Pribul, 2006

Site Font Information

     This site is best viewed in Segoe UI, a font that will be the standard Windows Vista font. If this is not available the site falls back to Tahoma, then Verdana, then Arial.

  • Download Segoe UI (v0.7)
  • Place the font files in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder, Windows will install them automatically


     I also recommend turning on ClearType on Windows XP machines, especially if using a flat screen monitor. It smooths the screen fonts and makes small text much easier to read.

     To turn ClearType on, go to:

  • Control Panel > Display Properties > Appearance > Effects > Use ClearType to smooth screen fonts

     Further information:

  • ClearType can be tuned by visiting the following Microsoft webpage, here.
  • ClearType is automatically turned on if you have installed Internet Explorer 7.
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